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Polyglot 3000

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3.38 (latest version)
Polyglot 3000
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista - English

There is a time when it becomes difficult to identify what is the language written in a document. Polyglot 3000 is a software that will help the users for that task.

Key features:

  • Database : the software contains about 400 languages and is compatible with Unicode text. In addition to that; it can detect the text on the computer screen, from e-mails or from removable devices like CD, DVD and others.
  • Searching : Polyglot 3000 can perform text searches if required. These texts can be located in an archive, in a database, or in email exchanges. Also, remote search and documents access from an internet is possible without being next to the computer.
  • Customization : for professional use, a logo can be inserted in the software for personalization and to give good impression to the users as the software also supports network system.
  • Interface : easy to use and multilingual interface that allows the users have access to detect the language in a text, a sentence or even a single word. The computer screen will show the dialog box that the users want to click for a definite task.


  • A very helpful freeware that helps users dealing with text documents.
Alternative spelling: poly3000.exe
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