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Miracle Service

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3.2.2 (latest version)
Miracle Service
Windows XP Windows Vista - English
Miracle Service is a multitask software which allows its users to work faster because it can perform many jobs at once.

Key features:

  • Inventory : users can make inventory from the software. This inventory might be either expendable or nonexpendable products. Based on that, users can find out the available stock, the suppliers’ list, and the budget.
  • Reporting : the software can provide reports depending on the users’ need because there are many available templates in the software. These reports are very useful because they can reveal the improvement that should be made in many fields after different analysis. Consequently, there is a time saving on having access to these reports but not waiting for the printed ones.
  • Reminder : when dealing with many customers, there comes a time when it becomes difficult to handle all the details. The software can send reminder about contracts renewals, cancellation, in order to prevent any disputes that may occur.
  • Updating : all the sale status like benefits, loss, outstanding payment, can be known at real time while using this computer. This information about the users to decide if it’s necessary to send bills, to make new products orders in a definite time.


  • A time saving shareware that makes users more productive in their business.

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