Kaspersky Mac Security is the Mac version of the eponymous antivirus. It is a program that can prevent the virus to infiltrate Macs.

Main features

Real time protection: Kaspersky Mac Security can conduct a review in real time of all files to prevent an unauthorized modification of the operating system. It can do the same with downloaded files or email attachments recovered.

Anti-phishing: phishing, or phishing, is a technique that can result in the loss of banking data. Kaspersky Mac Security is able to protect the user against this by detecting this kind of attempt.

Internet content filtering: this software also has a feature to protect children during their session of internet connection. For example, it is able to detect and boquer inappropriate for younger.


Kaspersky Mac Security can be set to be updated automatically.


This is a demo version

Other Systems

Kaspersky Mac Security is also available on Windows.


Alternative spelling: kismac15_0_1_378mlg_int-2015.dmg, kismac15_0_1_378mlg_int.dmg
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juanito gutierrez
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June 4, 2013

nice anti virus in software.
In the category of Minimum System Requirements, . . . which lists an intel processor along with the AV running on mac OS 10.4.11...

Don't know of any mac OS 10.4.11's running on an intel processor.

So this sounds like mis-information.
> pdh
Some of the first gen intel processor macs were released with 10.4.11 installed
This is a bit late for a reply obviously, but perhaps others will see it and it'll help them.
Outstanding Anti Virus Software! Even removed the new mac virus/trojan horse! Would highly recommend this product.
it take 2 min's then it did not work it made me install 3 of them then i removed it