Due to advanced technologies, getting files from the internet is now a common task. But sometimes, it seems to be slow and we are tempted to use download accelerator like Free Download Manager.


Key features

As its names suggests, Free Download Manager is mainly developed to manage files download. This program is able to increased download rate and to resume an interrupted and broken download. Free Download Manager is a versatile program; it supports all kinds of web protocol such as FTP, HTTPS and HTTP and it includes a feature which enables BitTorrent protocol use. Thus, downloading video files on websites such as YouTube, Google Video are allowed. A notification system is included within the program which informs if file currently downloading is harmful or not. Moreover, every user can post advices to inform, afterwards downloader, about file status.


It's got an intuitive interface, it is free and it includes a built-in converting tool.


Alternative spelling: FDM

Latest update on August 11, 2019 at 10:59 AM.