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Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

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Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus
Android - English

This is the Android version of Kaspersky that is as good as the desktop version. However, there has been some controversy regarding how Kaspersky uses personal data.

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Wednesday November 4, 2020
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October 28, 2021

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus is a mobile antivirus app. It scans your phone to remove viruses, spy-wares, mal-wares and will block sending of data to third parties. Thanks to its multilayered protection, Kaspersky has become one of the most appreciated mobile antivirus apps and has over fifty million installations on Android. In this article, we discuss some of the app’s main features, as well as some additional information. This is the Kaspersky download for Android.

Key Features

Here are some of the Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus app main features:

  • Antivirus: as the name of the app suggests it, the main functionality is the antivirus protection. This includes antivirus cleaner and an automatic malware block.
  • Anti-theft: to extend the protection of your device, Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus protects your personal information stored to your device from thieves by deleting in when needed. It also locates and locks your device when stolen or lost.
  • Anti-phishing: online shopping and banking concerns almost everyone nowadays. The Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus app makes sure to protect your financial information.
  • Real-time scan: the app saves you time and energy by performing real-time scans of your device.
  • Data encryption: Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus encrypts your data to keep it safe!

How Does Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus Work?

The Kaspersky Internet Security for Android has a pretty simple interface. First, you have to install the app and grant all the permissions it asks for. You can then choose from the options, including protection with a password the apps of you choice.

Is Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus Safe?

When it comes to performance, the app is undoubtedly one of the best out there. However, there has been some controversy regarding what type of data Kaspersky collects, namely for the Cloud Protection feature: visited websites, your computer’s ID number, the apps installed on your device - and this feature can be kind of hard to disable. Few years ago there were rumours claiming that Russian hackers used Kaspersky in order to steal US intelligence data.

Is Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus Free?

You can download and use this app for free. However, there is also a Premium version for $19.99 a year.

System Requirements

The required Android version to run this app varies with devices.
Image: Kaspersky/Google Play

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