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Musical Palette

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3.7 (latest version)
Musical Palette
Windows 2000 Windows XP - English

Musical Palette is a software designed for composing and researching good musical harmony for musicians.

Key features:

  • Installation : there is a kind of users’ guide available that comes with the software and that shows the different steps that should be followed to make the software work properly for composing songs.
  • Interface : the software has a colorful interface that is necessary for musical composition. That way, it is easier to find out what tasks to perform like inversion, variation, sequence.
  • Methods : there are more than ten motive developments that allow the users to create or make improvement in music which becomes easier while using this software because of the algorithm application. In addition to that, the software can work at word level, sentence and even paragraphs.
  • Customization : the software defines the 4 voices in a melody : soprano, alto, tenor and bass. However, users can have their own chord arrangement depending on their taste, like the leading voice.
  • Exportation : Musical Palette can transfer files in *.mid format. These files include melody, chords and bass in order to have a final arrangement done by professional musicians


  • A powerful shareware that is very efficient for musicians who want to have harmonious music.
Alternative spelling: MusicalPalette3_7.exe
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