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Excel Utility

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6.3.1 (latest version)
Excel Utility
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista - English
Using Excel is no that obvious if it is intended for professional use. Excel Utility is developed to considerably make your work easier when using Microsoft Excel. You can achieve complicated actions in few seconds.

Key Features

  • Generate reports: Excel Utility can generate reports so as to help users to build a useful report in a matter of seconds. It is going to organize columns and worksheets so as to quicken the report.
  • Compare worksheets: considered as the best tool to analyze differences in Excel worksheets or lists, the application can make the comparison in all types of data such as numbers, strings and dates.
  • Define dynamic table: Excel Utility can define four types of ranges. It can expand down to the last text or numeric entry in your column, expand down as many rows as there are entries, expand right to the last text or numeric entry in your row and finally expand down and right as many rows as there are numeric and text entries.
  • Other features: apart from all that, the application can also show the Excel filtering arrows at the header of the table. It can also copy paste values in current selection and where it is possible to display only text or only numbers.


  • Excel Utility facilitate Excel handling.
  • It provides shortcuts under different categories.


  • Nothing to report.


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