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At a given time, using software such as Real Hide IP is needed and even required. Useful and efficient, this kind of program is a tool which makes your life easier especially if you are permanently connected to Internet.

Key features

  • Anonymity: above all, Real Hide IP is used when you need to hide your IP address. Indeed, your computer's IP is the item that will identify it on the web. And for you to avoid being recognized, using this is the best solution.
  • Protection: hiding your IP address will keep your computer away from being hacked. Some computer hackers use IP address to reach your computer in order to get confidential information and your personal data.
  • History: to keep your activity confidential on the Net, Real Hide IP includes an option that automatically deletes cookies. It means that you do not have to worry about your history for the program gets rid of it by itself.


  • The program is useful and efficient in protecting your identity on the web.
  • It systematically changes your IP according to a time interval you have previously set.
  • It is also able to hide your email address.
  • It can be launched with popular mail service like Hotmail, Gmail and so on.


  • This is just the trial version.

NOTE: Whenever you close the application, your internet settings will return back to normal.

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