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With the evolution of Internet and technology, anyone can create 2D animation whether they are professionals or beginners. Stickman is a 2D animation tool for creating animations and short films.

Key Features

  • Creation: Stickman supports numbers of layers and uses a smart draw order system to facilitate the creation. Order system includes "Before", "After" and "Inside". Users can also animate speech, pick up items and generate walk cycles!
  • Ready-to-use materials: Stickman is integrated with a wide range of catalog of ready-to-use figures and elements for the creation of the 2D animation of your dream. Some of them are available offline and some solely online.
  • “Elemento”: thanks to this super-flexible figure editor, users can create their own style of animation or combine several animations in one. It is also possible to add sound to the animation. Users can as well deform and effect nodes, control body poses and switches with keyboard.
  • Export: after creating your 2D animation, you have the opportunity to export them into 9 popular video formats (compressed or uncompressed), and export to a USB. Supported formats are PNG, JPEG, GIF and PSD (Photoshop).


  • It does not consume many system resources.
  • Multiple tutorials are available online.
  • The interface is simple and intuitive.


  • Nothing to report.
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