Natural Voice Text to Speech Reader

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Natural Voice Text to Speech Reader
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
Natural Voice Text to Speech Reader is a software designed to read text forms with natural voices.

Key features :

  • Text conversion : the application can read many text formats like : Word, Rich Text Formats, PDF files, web pages, e-mails. In one word, almost the text formats that are frequently used in everyday life.
  • Time saving : the software is very efficient because users do not have to retype all the texts before listening to them but one click is enough to point the text and the software will read the selected paragraph.
  • Proof reading : users can check the spelling of the written documents while listening to the texts read by the software. Also, it reduces the eye problems that may occur when staring at the computer screen too long.
  • Educational use : for those who are eager to learn many languages, this application is the best tool for that purpose because they can listen, learn pronunciation, and read texts of other languages that may interest them.
  • Other options : users can have access to the original webpages or the file page in order to see the written text and get the meaning. Also, adjustment for the voice, the speed can be made according to the users’ needs.


  • A freeware with a fast installation which saves time in many ways either in professional or educational use.


Alternative spelling: standardsetup.exe

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