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2.13 (latest version)
Windows 2000 Windows XP - English

ZoomMagic has been especially designed for designers and developers who need a larger and specific view to each pixel. It can enlarge any photo.

Key Features

  • Content display: ZoomMagic has a special and accurate technique to display the graphic card contents. The files will be displayed in different sizes, in whole or in just a part.
  • Customizable: not only you have the choice of viewing files but can also zoom them according to your needs. All you have to do is to position your mouse so as to change the color and position.
  • Intuitive: ZoomMagic offers a great advantage over the appearance of the interface. In fact, the interface is friendly and intuitive. Novices and connoisseurs can easily manipulate it without any difficulty.
  • Function: the application allows users to measure the area of your screen, and also the distance on the monitor according to the units of measurement of your choice (inches, centimeters, inches, etc.).
  • Supported files: ZoomMagic supports over 40 image formats. Here we give you just some of them: JPG, WAV, MP3, CDA, WMA, MPEG, GIF, AVI, BMP, WMV, etc.


  • ZoomMagic is customizable and easy to use.
  • Graphical and intuitive interface.


  • To enjoy its full feature, it is better to pay for a license.
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