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Piano Trilogy

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Piano Trilogy
Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
Piano Trilogy is a software designed by Musicrow Audio Software to those who want to play piano with high quality sound.

Key features :

  • 3 in one : the software contains 3 pianos : Vintage piano which is appropriate for classical music, then the Broken piano which is good for blues, rock n’roll, and the last one is the Piano forte which is perfect for upright piano.
  • Installation : a simple to install software that makes the users more confident and more comfortable. Also, it does not require much hard disk space so it does not slow down the computer speed.
  • Customization : the software can make any adjustment to get better piano sound like using reverb, and other sound effects. Consequently, users have unlimited choice of musical composition due to many register possibilities that are provided by the software.
  • Interface : an intuitive interface that allows users to see the way to play the piano at their convenience. So, it is possible for users to choose between the 3 pianos depending on the type of melody they want to play.
  • Money and space saving : the software gives its users the access to use 3 pianos at a very low price because it is unthinkable to get 3 pianos and put them in one place.


  • A demo version that allows users to play piano with a real piano sound at an affordable price.


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