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14.8.5 (latest version)
Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 - English

The use of a database is certainly the best way to store information. For this, GS-Base is a customizable database. It supports more than 12 million data inputs and thousand of fields in a single table.

Main features

Flexible usage: GS-Base is a software supporting many kind of database, whether pictures, values or text. The fields are customizable and the user can link a data entry to an article or to a local file.

Predefined formulas: For series of operations, the database enables the user to create formulas. To this effect, more than 300 preconceived formulas are at disposal. Of course, these formulas are editable to suit the user's need.

Advanced search: GS-Base comes with a search engine. It can add filters to the search, look for duplicates in the entries, customize the settings to refine the search, etc.

Synchronization and send by mail: GS-Base includes a synchronization function, enabling the user to merge the user's datas with other databases. It can also attach the database to an e-mail for send, from its interface.

Password protection: For the data's safety, the software uses a strong security algorithm and also supports adding a password for protection. It can also automatically save and lock the database.

Import and export: This software can both import and export data of different formats, including text files, html, dBase III-IV, CLipper, FoxPro2.x and Excel.


Customizable fields


This is a Shareware

Alternative spelling: gsbase14-, gsbase14.8_x64.exe
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