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Playing Chess-7

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1.01 (latest version)
Playing Chess-7
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 - English

Playing Chess-7 is a screen saver for those who would like chess game.

Its principle consists in showing piece moves during a famous game and loads the next game when the previous one is finished. It is possible to create your own screen saver with your own chess game by using PNG format. Moreover, the appearance of your screen saver can be changed, for instance, its color, background or texts. With this software, you can also display information about the current game such as the players’ name, date of the game. It is even possible to recreate the real break time.

A screen saver which may draw the attention of the users; they would be tempted to watch the game instead of working.

Alternative spelling: pchess-7.exe
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