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Easy Hour Assignments with Excel

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1.4 (latest version)
Easy Hour Assignments with Excel
Windows 2000 Windows XP - English

Keeping track of your employees schedule always results in disorder if not well managed. To avoid this, Easy Hour Assignment with Excel will make this task easier for you no matter the changes that may occur.

Key features
-Practical : It can keep track up to 25 persons. It keeps you posted about your employees’ attendance during the week by showing bar graphs. It allows you to have a follow up of your employees’ vacation that way, you will not be mistaken to give work for an employee who is not there.

-Planning : Vacation schedule is available for 10 persons, meaning no time wasted for manager’s approval if the employees want to change their schedule as they just have to look on it to find out whether they can make some arrangements among themselves before taking leaves.

-Reporting : It can provide you individual and team report for the activity if necessary.
This report can be transferred to your Outlook calendar, PDA and even your cellphone so that you could be informed on a real time about the situation wherever you are.

-Online leave request : for some employees who have email access, it is possible to do an online leave request. So, the communication becomes quicker and it creates good work atmosphere as the employee may forget work related matter once on vacation.

System requirements
-Memory : 2MB
-Compatible with Windows 98, Millenium, Windows 2000, XP

-The software is available in free version.
-Very practical for Human Resources Management especially for those who are in charge of the employees’ time and attendance, dealing with different types of leaves either it is an annual or special one.

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