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Code Rip

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1.0 (latest version)
Code Rip
Windows XP Windows 2000 - English

Code Rip is a utility designed to extract the source code of a website any. Developed by Camtech2000, this software also allows to save.

Main features

Extraction of code: this software allows to expose the source code of a page. It is able to display the scripts and Meta Tags. Just insert the URL of the site on the area and to launch the process.

Research: After extraction, it is possible to fit the page with its source code to the browser. This is done to allow the user to easily find the HTML corresponding to a specific action.

Extraction of address: Code Rip also offers the possibility to draw the different links on a website. These will be displayed on a window of the program and the user may select for save or delete them.


Code Rip is able to extract the source code of a website even if it is protected.


Code Rip is here offered in shareware version.

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