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2.2 (latest version)
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Ymail is a software that allows its users to filter and avoid junk mails that may harm the computer.

Key features

-Privacy : this software does not make any notification to the sender or show images that are in the attachments. The users can have an idea of what is inside the emails without opening in order to avoid virus spreading.

-Selecting : filtering and categorizing emails are the main purpose of the software. It can tell which one is a junk mail or not. Consequently, suspicious emails are automatically deleted ahead of time before reaching the user’s mailbox.

-Storing : the software can keep received messages in a definite place. By doing that, it becomes much easier to do some searches later on in case the users want to get back to the sender for reply.

-Advisor : Ymail attracts the users’ attention if the latter want to download unknown e-mails.
If the users insist to do so, the software do not accept it by blocking the access to the received e-mails as virus will find many ways to enter whenever the email address is valid.

-To-do list : another option available in the software that will send kind reminder to its users. So, the users can get organized and will not forget important things that should be done in a particular day.

System requirements

The software works well with Linux, Mac OS X, XP, Windows Vista

Memory : 1 MB


A free software that will protect your computer from malicious mails that may damage your whole computer system.
Alternative spelling: yMail2Full.exe
Latest update on September 7, 2012 at 12:38 AM.


Main Points A reliable program.