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Aobo Website Blocker

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4.8 (latest version)
Aobo Website Blocker
Mac OS X - English

Aobo Website Blocker or Aobo Porn Filter is a parental control software. It allows blocking inappropriate Websites so that they cannot be accessible to children. This version is reserved for Mac.

Key Features

Blocking porn Websites

Aobo Porn Filter enables to automatically block porn Websites. It recognizes all keywords that may refer to porn contents and prohibit access to them. This makes sure that children never encounter these inappropriate sites while surfing on the Web.


Apart from automatic blocking of porn Websites, it is also possible to filter sites with violent contents or other harmful contents. The user can add all URLs he judges inappropriate and nobody can ever access them.

Blacklist and whitelist

Parents can draw lists of authorized sites and unauthorized ones. Authorized ones such as social networks for example can be listed in a whitelist and remain accessible at any time. On the contrary, Websites contained in the blacklist will always be blocked.


Only the administrator can modify settings. The access to this feature is password-protected. This makes sure that it is impossible for end users to modify a single part of parameters.


  • Aobo Website Blocker runs in stealth mode so that users never suspect anything.
  • It also keeps history of Web activities for later monitoring.


  • This is a shareware version.
Alternative spelling: aobo-filter-mac-4.8.dmg, aobo-filter-mac.dmg
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