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Linux - English

Bluefish is a software which allows the web developers to create their own webpage on Linux. The user is given the ability to read and to change the HTML code.

Key features

This program gives the possibility to retouch the source code. For that, the user only has to enter the url address and the password and open it. After that, this program has all functions to create pages, to customize designs and many others. After Bluefish generated files in HTML format, the software ensures that the website newly created will be compatible with all web browsers. Therefore, the user has the possibility to share it on the internet. Bluefish has an integrated project management function. This option allows the user to save all HTML files concerning the creation of one specific webpage in a same project. The software gives the possibility to import other format such as XML, CC++, SVQ and still many others. This option also allows the user to export the generated document in the desired encoding.


This software includes a spell check for the HTML texts. Bluefish is available in open source.


Bluefish requires programming knowledge to change the HTML content.

Alternative spelling: bluefish-2.2.6.tar.gz, bluefish.tar.gz
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