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The registration of video from an external source on a PC requires not only a specific material, but also special software. Captureflux is part of this type of program.

Main features

Encoding: Captureflux offers several formats for registration of the captured videos. The user will have the choice between 7 video formats, including AVI, Divx or WMV. It is also possible to choose the format of the au-dio stream.

Edition: This software offers several options for editing the videos you are cap-turing. It allows for example to overlay dates in watermark on a part of the film. The user may also cut the video into multiple clips and record fragments in separate files.

Image capture: Captureflux incorporates a feature to save on hard disk images that make up the film. Photos can be saved in JPG or BMP format. A capture at a regular interval option is also available.

Shortcuts: All the features of Captureflux are available through shortcuts.This facilitates the use of the software and makes the process of capturing more intuitive. Press simultaneously the CTRL and M allows for ex-ample to mute the sound of the record.


Captureflux is available for download for free


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