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Image Encrypt

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1.02 (latest version)
Image Encrypt
Windows XP Windows 2000 - English

Images are sensitive data that should be protected in order to prevent curious people who share your computer. Image Encrypt is a software that will keep your photos inaccessible to someone else.

Key features

-Easy : the software does not require advanced level of computer knowledge. All the users have to do is just to select the photos that they do not want to be seen and the software will do the rest.

-Good quality : Image Encrypt maintain the good image quality and do not make any modification or adjustment in order to keep the photo authenticity.

-Safe : while using this software, users do not have to worry about their privacy as definitely, the photo viewing is only for selected persons that have the access to the software.

-Practical : Image Encrypt alerts the users who try to enter in the photo files with wrong password. However, one tentative is only permitted so that the software would not harm those files.

-Virus free : after many virus scans, the software is safe and do not contain any form of malicious threats that may damage the computer.

Alternative spelling: ime1.02.exe
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