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Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista - English

RadioBoss is a software designed for radio entertainment either on internet or in a radio station.

Key Features:

  • Professional use : as radio station needs creativity and professionalism, this software gives users the way to invent jingle for programs, scheduling one program with a definite duration.
  • Interface : a simple to use interface. Users can create their own background sound that might be necessary for some radio programs. The sound level can be automatically set depending on the program types.
  • Database : Music database gives the possibility to make catalogs for easy filing and managing the music available for the radio program. In addition to that, quick searches and selecting audio files are efficient.
  • Statistics : RadioBoss keeps track the frequency of audio use based on the statistic records. That way, there is no monotony in the radio program because new ideas for improvement are always welcome.
  • Other options : the software can schedule many programs at time. Also, it can choose playlists without a specific requirement. Hit parades and novelties become accessible as the software is compatible with Internet connection.


  • A very powerful demo software for radio programming.
Alternative spelling: radioboss_demo_4.0.2.426.exe
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