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10-Strike Network Monitor

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4.14 (latest version)
10-Strike Network Monitor
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 - English

10-Strike Network Monitor is a software for network administration. Developed by 10-Strike Software, it helps the user in the monitor of different network devices and detailed below are its features.

Key features

Monitoring: The software is able to monitor network devices like servers, routers, printers or UPS connected to a local area. The periodic automatic device polling allows the user to define the time of the process and the devices to be monitored.

Analysis: When the process begins, 10-Strike Network Monitor analyzes all the devices. A report of the result is then sent to the user. If failures are present in some of them, they are highlighted in red for better distinction.

Notification: It is used for alerting the user of what is occurring. He can configure it along with a program's response to particular events. Displaying a message on the screen, playing a sound alarm or sending a message via email are some examples.


The program is easy to configure.

It offers automatic recovery feature for some failures without the user's interaction.


This is a trial version of 10-Strike Network Monitor.

Alternative spelling: network-monitor-4.14.exe, network-monitor.exe
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