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Malicious attacks have many ways to enter and damage documents in the computer. Secure it Easy was created to prevent this attack from mobile devices.

Key features:

  • Safe : the software protects its users’ documents from any form of computer threats which can be transmitted from other portable devices like : key USB, MP3 players, iPod, digital cameras. Also, a password is possible if the computer is a shared one.
  • Information : Secure it Easy will inform its users about the different log-ins that occurred in a definite time. Consequently, the users can know if intruders were using the computer during their absence. A follow-up of the list of the documents that were recently opened can be found out while using this software.
  • Personalization : users can limit devices that can have access to the computer. So, those devices that have security clearance will be recognized by the computer. That way, nobody can take data from the computer at the users’ back.
  • Other options : the software is a multilingual one : in French, English, German and Romanian. Besides, Secure it Easy sends alerts to the users in case there are suspicious devices connected to the computer.


  • A shareware that will protect personal files from different devices entering the computer.


  • These devices may bring malicious files that may contaminate the whole computer.

Alternative spelling: SecureItEasy_x86_32_2.0.4.0.msi
Latest update on September 17, 2012 at 02:01 AM.
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