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AVS Audio Recorder

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4.0.2 (latest version)
AVS Audio Recorder
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 - English
AVS Audio Recorder is a tool mainly designed to record audio from any sources. In addition, it is also able to edit sound while recording it.

Key features

Capturing: AVS Audio Recorder gives the user the ability to record sound from any sources such as microphone, internet broadcasting, audio CDs and many others. It keeps the genuine quality of the sound through all these steps. Settings: before starting the recording process, the user needs to define the output device, the target folder as well as the recording format. For the latter, he can choose between different types of formats like MP3, WMA, WAV and others. Advanced features: one of the advantages with AVS Audio Recorder is that it allows adjusting some advanced parameters to get the desired output quality. These settings include the frequency, the number of channels, as well as the bit rate. Editing: apart from that, the user can enhance the quality of the audio by correcting imperfection. For that, the user can launch the automatic correction of the sound before clicking on the Start Recording button.


It includes a mini player to check the sound quality of the files.
AVS Audio Recorder supports capturing audio in stereo an mono mode.


This is a trial version.
Alternative spelling: AVSAudioRecorder-4.0.2.exe, AVSAudioRecorder.exe
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