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There are loads of preset themes in Sony Ericson mobile phones but you are always allowed to add new ones. For that, you just need to create your own themes with Sony Ericsson Themes Creator.

Key features

Having a fully customized phone may reflect you are an original person. That is why Sony Ericsson Themes Creator has been created. You can set your phone's theme according to your taste. Sony Ericsson Themes Creator features basic tools for graphic creating such as colors, animated objects, image files, sound files. You just have to pick those that fit your tastes and voila. Creating theme is not a difficult task. Indeed, you just need to select color and use the automatic color combination. And then, you need to load background image files, set the style by choosing form from the templates and that is all.


You can download and use this software for free. It is effective and provides a high quality theme rendering.


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