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Game Editor

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1.4.0 (latest version)
Game Editor
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 - English

This tool, commonly known as Game Editor allows you to create the games of your dreams even though you have little knowledge in programming. It is an interactive multi-media tool for developing game.

Key Features

You can create events using the interaction of actors via the mouse and the keyboard. Here are some of these events: activation event, animation Finish, collision, collision Finish, create Actor, destroy Actor, draw Actor, key Down, key Up, etc. Using scripting language similar to C programming language, Game Editor is integrated with script editor window that can give access to the built-in names of objects (actors), variables and functions. Syntax is colored so as to distinguish code easier. As for the actions, they are numerous but here are just some of them: change Animation, change Animation Direction, change Cursor, change Path, change Transparency, change Z-Depth, destroy Timer, collision State, conditional Action, create Timer, create Actor, destroy Actor, event Enable, event Disable, follow mouse and more. Here are the formats supported by Game Editor (image, sound and music files) tga, wav, bmp, voc, mid/midi, pnm, iff, ogg, png, aiff, mod, xpm, riff, s3m, xcf, 8svx, it, pcx, xm, gif, jpg/jpeg, tif, lbm.


  • It is a full-featured software for creating games.
  • Multiple levels in a single file.
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