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It is quite irritating having the connection getting slower and slower while there are lots of works to do. To avoid such a situation, it is better to use a connection accelerator software and FastNet is one of them.

Key Features

  • Connection accelerator: also known as web accelerator, FastNet is a proxy server that reduces web site access times. For that, users just have to install the program on the client (browsing) computer. It uses some types of host based server to compress, collect and then deliver content to a client computer.
  • Network problem analyzer: Fastnet detects any network problems such as cable problem (cut, incorrect cable, interference level), connectivity problem (from the router, hub or Switch), software problem (DNS configuration, WINS configuration, registry, etc.), excessive Network Collisions (from a bad network setup/plan), or problem with duplicate IP Addressing.
  • Supported connections and modems: FastNet supports multiple types of connections and can speed them all up. Here are some of them: Dial-Up Modem, Lan, Cable Modem, American Online, ISDN, and Cable/DSL connections.


  • It is an application that accelerates connection speed at 300%.
  • It can detect and solve network problems.
  • Intuitive and plain interface.


  • Nothing to report.


Alternative spelling: fastnet99.exe
Latest update on November 6, 2012 at 12:10 AM.
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it is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy goood software
make another fast net please, i will suscribe and vote because it's so the opposite of slow, FAST !!!
one word.......FAST.....
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