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Fab' s Autobackup allows you to back up and restore persona data such as e-mails, documents, favorite internet, etc.
You can back up the following items:
- Shared document folder,
- My document folder,
- User’s Windows desktop (files, shortcuts, wallpaper if it is possible),
- Favorites and startup page of Internet Explorer ( only on Windows version for he time being),
- Cookies of Internet Explorer,
- Messages and parameters (messaging account, rules, etc) of Outlook Express,
- Windows address book used by Outlook Express (your contacts, calendar, etc.),
- PST files of Microsoft Office Outlook which contains your messages, contacts, calendar…
- Activation files of Microsoft Office XP and 2003,
- Bookmarks and cache of Opera,
- Bookmarks and cache of Mozilla Firefox,
- Messages and settings of Mozilla Thunderbird,
- User settings, databases and Lotus Notes identifiers (for multi-user Notes clients),
- Settings of your modem (rasphone.pbk file) except logins and connection passwords,
- The fonts of your system (useful if you have installed fonts which have not been provided with Windows or software),
- TCP/IP parameters of your network cards (only tested with Windows XP).

Note: Windows activation file backup is always available in the software, however, its restoration does not run any more. It would be withdrawn in the next version of Fab’s Autobackup.


Alternative spelling: autobackup_demo_3

Latest update on February 15, 2010 at 02:39 AM.

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