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1.41 (latest version)
Windows XP Windows 2000 - English

Designed by Ageet Corporation, AGEphone is an application to make and receive phone calls from a computer. It has a directory module where to save all users' contacts.

Key Features

Communication: the main function of AGEphone is to receive and launch a call on the PC. These are carried through IP telephone numbers. On the utility's interface, the user just needs to enter the contact number.

Mailing: this application also provides the use of a customizable voice mail option. The caller may leave voice messages that are, after that, stored in the computer in case the user is missing.

Notice: AGEphone is able to display a pop-up window to report all accepted and rejected calls. To notify these, the user can set ringtones by selecting a file from the media library of the PC.


AGEphone provides the ability to import Outlook directory to the user's interface.

The program also offers a history of all calls whether incoming or outgoing.


This presented version is a demo.

AGEphone's interface is not available in other languages but English.

Alternative spelling: AGEphone_1.4.1.exe
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