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Medical Diary

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1.6.0 (latest version)
Medical Diary
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
Medical Diary is a software which aim is to gather information about a person's current health or his medical history.

Key Features

  • Medical journal: this utility can collect all information and medical data about one or several patients. Different parameters are registered ranging from weight, passing by blood pressure to glucose and cholesterol levels. It allows keeping track of the user's health.
  • Database: it offers a complete and precise database available every time the user wants to check them out. These medical journals are organized and stored so that the doctor can also consult them.
  • Display: Medical diary grants patients the possibility to chart medical reports in 3D or to display them as lists. Users can print them with the ability to select some properties.
  • Appointments' tracking: this tool can also take note of health checkup and manage them. This organizer feature helps the users remind date of check-ups. There is also a Diary option for writing down some notes about the medical control.


  • Help information appears directly on top of the pointed item.
  • Medical diary offers an intuitive interface.


  • This version is a 90 days or 600 uses trial.


Alternative spelling: SetupMedicalDiary-1.6.0.exe, SetupMedicalDiary.exe

Latest update on August 22, 2014 at 02:07 AM.

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