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Baby Keyboard

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4.0 (latest version)
Baby Keyboard
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista - English

When comes a time that baby wants to use the same keyboard as his parents, it will be very frustrating. Baby Keyboard was designed to prevent any unwanted file loss during that period.

Key features:

  • Locking : the software prevents any keystrokes that may delete the existing files in the computer. Consequently, baby can play or even pound in the keyboard while parents are away.
  • Interface : easy and simple to use interface that attracts the baby to press keys. Image is displayed each time there is a keystroke.
  • Customization : the software can set a time slot for the baby. So, there will be an established schedule for baby and for parents to avoid any overlap on the computer use. Besides, music and pleasant sound can be played to entertain the baby.
  • Pictures : to attract baby’s attention, there are about 700 images available in the software that can be displayed. These pictures are colorful and allow the baby to stay on the computer.
  • Educational use : this software allows the baby to start computer initiation at his early age and increases complicity between parents and kids while working together.


  • A shareware that will not disturb users’ productivity while sharing computer with a baby
Alternative spelling: b2c3_eng_4.0.exe
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