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Asoftech Automation

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2.2.8 (latest version)
Asoftech Automation
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 - English

Asoftech Automation is allowing the automation of various computer tasks such as checking email, for example, or moving up files. It can record and replay them.

Key Features

  • Macro recorder: as a task automation tool, it enables to record tasks which are generally keystrokes and mouse actions. The program can edit it so that it can perform some complex or repetitive operations.
  • Replaying: after editing, the recorded macros can be played back on the computer system and replayed at an X number of time. Users can set a specific time or a schedule so that the task can be repeated at pre-defined intervals.
  • Executable files from macros: from recorded and edited macros, Asoftech Automation enables to convert them to an executable file. This means that with this EXE file, it can be launched on other computers.


  • Asoftech Automation can compile commonly used actions to macro.
  • Export and import functions enable to backup and restore macros.
  • It is integrated with a color checker.


  • This trial is limited when it comes to features.
Alternative spelling: ata-2.2.8.exe, ata.exe
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