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AV Webcam Morpher is a software for changing voice and face during live communication in real time.

Key features :

  • Control: users can set the software to control images, sounds, and other effects that make the presentation more interesting by balancing the photo brightness, color or noise reduction. Consequently, creativity and imagination are boosted for new invention.
  • Nickfaces: AV Webcam Morpher helps its users to keep track of the gestures, voice, expressions. In addition to that, these nickfaces can be customized to get stars and celebrities’ faces.
  • Internet: images that are taken in the webcam can be sent to friends and family by Internet. Also, this software is compatible with Video Instant Messenger with voice like Yahoo Messenger, Skype as AV Webcam Morpher is very efficient for video chat.
  • Webcam : this software can perform the webcam task. Meaning, it can do recording and saving photos. So, it is possible to create clips, share photos for either commercial or personal purposes.
  • Other options: the software is very easy to install and does not require particular computer skills. Users can insert smiley for more fun during the video chat.

Pros :

  • A freeware that is very interesting by pretending to be someone else while video chatting.

Cons :

The interface needs some improvement.


Alternative spelling: webcam-morpher.exe

Latest update on September 21, 2012 at 01:51 AM.

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