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Wave Creator

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3.2.21 (latest version)
Wave Creator
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 Windows 8 - English

Wave Creator has been designed by Blaze Audio. This is a software that allows the user to record sound and provides other various options. Details are in the following lines.

Key features

Recording: Many are the songs that the user may want to keep and the only way to do that is to record them. The software offers him the possibility to do so by enabling to record sound from any sources.

Editing: Wave Creator also enables the user to edit audio files by cut-and-pasting them in the waveform window. It can also edit both stereo and single channel audio. The files that have been edited can be saved into MP3 formats.

Adjustment: This tool has several effects that the user can apply to name only echo, flange, chorus and so on. He can also amplify or adjust the volume, but the software can make it automatically if needed.

Alternative spelling: WaveCreatorTrial-3.2.21.exe, WaveCreatorTrial.exe
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