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Wondershare PPT2Flash Standard

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4.8.0 (latest version)
Wondershare PPT2Flash Standard
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, English
Wondershare PPT2Flash Standard is a program for turning a PowerPoint file into SWF file. It is running as a simple add-in that is automatically integrated to the PPT file after its installation.

Key Features

Tool bar: once installed on the computer system, Wondershare PPT2Flash Standard will be immediately integrated to the PPT file. It is located in the toolbar of the file so that the access to it can be facilitated.

Customization: during the conversion, the user can apply animations and transitions to the flash file. They are in number of 170 and their selection is done with a simple tick. It is also possible to reduce the size file of up to 90%.

Voice narration: while the flash is being constructed, we can also add voice narration to it. For that, a microphone is compulsory. If not, Wondershare PPT2Flash Standard also enables to import background audio from the computer.


  • Wondershare PPT2Flash Standard can be generated as a solid file or as a standalone EXE one.
  • Generating a single SWF file from a PPT page is possible.


  • It can be available for 30 days only.


Alternative spelling: ppt2flashstd_full25_4.8.0.exe

Latest update on November 28, 2014 at 09:34 AM.

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