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EasyLock is an encryption tool. It offers high level of protection to keep data safe and to prevent hackers from accessing them. It is designed to support removable devices.

Key Features

Mobile devices: this software allows creating an encrypted area on a USD disk or any other removable devices such as SD cards, memory cards and portable hard disks. The user can then store his sensitive data into this location in order to protect them. Encryption: EasyLock offers high level of protection. It relies on powerful 256 bits AES-CBC algorithm which is among the strongest one in matter of encryption. Thanks to that, it becomes impossible to unauthorized persons to access the removable device. Password: EasyLock allows its user to password-protect the access to the files stored in the USB device. This feature is not only intended to lock access but also to perform the reverse action, unlocking a secured data.


EasyLock is endowed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
It supports drag-and-drop system for easier handling.
Alternative spelling: EasyLock-, EasyLock.exe
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