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MP3 Quality Modifier

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2.53 (latest version)
MP3 Quality Modifier
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 - English

Don't you find it annoying to delete some files because there is not enough space in your hard drive to save more songs? MP3 Quality Modifier allows you to gain space and at the same time to keep all your files undamaged.

Key features

  • Editing: MP3 Quality Modifier general goal is, as its name points out, to modify MP3 files setting such as bitrates mode, rate, stereo mode and sample frequency in order to gain disk space. This change will have no effect on listening quality; at least, they will not be perceivable.
  • Profiles creating: MP3 Quality Modifier provides also the ability to establish preset change modes in order to avoid repeating the same manipulation. You can save a setting as profile which you can choose for later use.
  • Comparison: once you have pushed on Start button, the software displays saved space and compare input and output files. If the outcome does not match your expectations, you can still cancel modification, just by pushing on "Replace with Originals".


  • MP3 Quality Modifier is a Freeware.
  • It also supports mp1 and mp2 files.
  • It is able to adapt target folder structure.
  • loading files can be done with an easy drag and drop.
  • ID3 tags are kept.
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