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Androsa FileProtector

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1.4.4 (latest version)
Androsa FileProtector
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 - English
Protecting a private file or folder is common. Designed by AdrosaSoft and released in 2009, Adrosa File Protector allows its users to restrict access to some files.

Key Features

  • Cryptography: a technique designed to secure communication in the presence of third parties, this method had been successful for decades now. Adrosa File Protector uses advanced cryptography algorithms AES 128/192/256 bits, TripleDES 192 bits, DES 64 bits to make it stronger. The aim is to protect the file at hundred percent.
  • Password setting: as for the password, it uses cryptography with password up to 256 bit meaning that the user is allowed to set 32 characters. Adrosa File Protector is also integrated with a protection against weak passwords.
  • Other abilities: users have the possibility to stop, pause and resume the protection depending on their need. Users can also manage the protection through system’s bar (system tray) so as to make its handling easier.


  • Adrosa File Protector gives you the possibility to protect any type of file.
  • Enables to permanently delete files.
  • The application supports two languages: English and Italian.


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