Wi-Fi Inspector

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Wi-Fi Inspector
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Wi-Fi Inspector is a program for controlling and characterizing the performance of Wi-Fi Network. It also offers solutions to troubleshoot connectivity.

Key Features

Wi-Fi information

Details about searched network can be displayed by this program. Among them, the name (SSID) of the Wi-Fi, signal in percentage or in dBm as well as the vendor or the frequency. Each one of them is listed on the interface with these details.

Sort and group networks

Each Wi-Fi can be categorized by their strength in terms of signal. Wi-Fi Inspector also enables users to gather them thanks to several criteria selected by the user. Apart from that, changing the column order and filtering them is feasible.

Tests and troubleshooting

Wi-Fi Inspector users can launch three built-in tests to assist in characterizing the Wi-Fi connection. These tests are based on connection, quality and speed. Thanks to these, troubleshoot issues can be detected and solved.

Improvements for this new version

For this version, changed Speed Test and Quality Test are gathered on a unique tab. Wi-Fi Inspector users can add instructions on sorting and filtering networks. Some recorded bugs have also been fixed.


  • Wi-Fi Inspector can export Networks to .CSV file.
  • It enables to directly Connect and Disconnect to Wi-Fi networks.


  • Nothing to report.
Alternative spelling: WiFiInspector-Setup-1-2-1-4-(2).exe
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