Flash Saving Plugin is an add-on especially designed for Internet Explorer Web browser to capture flash animation on the Web. Nevertheless, it is compatible with other browsers.

Key Features

Capturing: the advantage with Flash Saving Plugin is that it detects all SWF file format existing on the current web page. This kind of file is known as movie animation for Web. After that, it lists them on its interface.

Saving: with this software, the user is able to save the animation file right from the page. For that, he only has to select on the list the name of the desired animation and the process will start automatically.

Previewing: this option allows the user previewing the animation before saving it. For that, Flash Saving Plugin opens the movie in gallery mode where all information about it are displayed such as the URL address, the size and the last modification date.


It can deal with IE-Based browser like Avant Browser, MSN, MyIE.
Flash Saving Plugin can be downloaded for free.
The user is also free to predefine the target folder before starting the download.


It does not support pop-up animation.


Alternative spelling: FlashSavingPluginSetup-1.2.exe, FlashSavingPluginSetup.exe

Latest update on February 25, 2015 at 07:50 AM.