GIF Viewer is an utility for previewing GIF animations. It provides several functions allowing the user to manipulate the file such as playback loop and frame extraction.

Key features

GIF Viewer is able to play GIF animation and present it in the form of frames that can be viewed one by one. For that, the user can use the mouse scroll button to pass from one frame to another one. One of the particularities of GIF Viewer is the fact that it permits the user to extract frames. To do that, the user only has to define a sequence on the animation and save it in image or GIF format. Convert option allows the user to export a predefined sequence of the animation to image file like PNG, JPEG or TIFF format. It is also possible to adjust the quality of the image during the conversion.


GIF Viewer is free to download. It supports drag-and-drop of files. The controls are represented by arrows key that facilitates its handling.


It only supports GIF animation format.


Alternative spelling: gifviewer_1.6.5_setup.exe

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