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Interactive Video Plugin

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Interactive Video Plugin
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Interactive Video Plugin is a Wordpress Plug-in designed for blog creators. Developed by Kaltura, it enables user to manage all the videos in his blog in an interactive way.

Key features

Basic function: This program has been created in order to avoid complication in Wordpress management. That is why, all its functions are basic and the user, even if he is a beginner, can manage it easily.

Editing: Some videos content cannot be edited when they are captured. But with Interactive Video Plugin, it is possible to do so. With this function, recording, even mixing video contents is possible thanks to different editing tools.

Tracking: This utilitarian has also an option in which the user in the blogging platform can keep track of his videos. If there is a need to answer to any video, this is also the right tool for that.


Interactive Video Plugin here is in an open-source version.


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