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Sleep Cycle is an Android application that helps you to get the best sleep every day. For a healthy life, maintaining a constant, proper sleep cycle is crucial. This app features a smart alarm clock that helps you to track your sleep cycle and wakes you up only when you are in a light stage of sleep. Then, based on your daily and weekly sleep data, the app provides you with a detailed report.

Key Features

  • Smart alarm clock that schedules when it’d be the best time to wake you up softly and with no harm to your sleep
  • Sleep tracking to analyze your sleep patterns and improve it thanks to the Sleep Cycle patented technology and accelerometer
  • No need to sleep with the phone under your pillow, just place it somewhere nearby
  • Sleep data reports and statistics, the possibility to track your snoring habits and beat them
  • Gentle alarm melodies for the best wake up call

How Sleep Cycle Works?

The Sleep Cycle app analyzes the noises you make during your sleep such as breathing and movements in bed and calculates the ideal time to set the alarm when you are in the lightest possible sleep stage. Of course, you can schedule the time period when you’d like to weaken up and the alarm clock will choose the best moment in this time lapse.

Is Sleep Cycle Free?

The app is free to download and use. However, to access some additional features, such as snore trends, sleep aid and sleep data export, you need to subscribe to a Sleep Cycle Premium for $39 per year.

Other Systems

Sleep Cycle is also available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

System Requirements

In order to run Sleep Cycle on your smartphone, you need version 6.0 and later for Android. For the Apple version, you need iOS 11.0 or later.

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