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Do you want help planning the wedding of your dreams? No matter the size or budget, Wedding Planner LadyMarry will help you plan your wedding day, your rehearsal dinner and other wedding events down to the very last detail. The app essentially acts as your personal wedding planner in a fast and collaborative way including monthly wedding checklists, day-of timelines, hands-on tips and much more. With it, you can organize and plan everything stress free.

Key Features

LadyMarry has many key features taking a lot of stress out of planning a wedding for couples and making it one of the most popular wedding apps available in 2020. Key features of the LadyMarry app range from an interactive wedding to-do list packed full of tips and tricks, a 'big picture and details' section that includes blogs, detailed tips and essential resources to a wedding countdown widget.

You can easily organize all of your notes in one place (for example, vendor payments, wedding budget adjustments etc) and stay aligned with LadyMarry’s wedding timeline. The app will also help you to find local vendors that fit in with your personal budget. Vendors include photographers, DJs, caterers, stylists, florists, officiants and more – the list is endless! An invaluable resource to have in one place.

How LadyMarry Works?

A customizable wedding checklist will help you stay on track with all areas of wedding planning. Based on your wedding date and personal preferences, you will receive a monthly calendar with a checklist to complete to make sure nothing is forgotten on the big day.


A huge plus for the LadyMarry app, is that you can sync your wedding planning progress across multiple devices. Regardless of device, whether you use a mobile or computer, iPhone or Android, everyone will be on the same page-very useful for collaborating with your wedding team. Also, it’s free!

How Much Does LadyMarry Wedding Planner Cost?

The app is completely free to download.

Other systems

Wedding Planner LadyMarry is also available for iOS here.

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