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Wunderlist is a multi-platform productivity app that helps you manage everything from grocery lists to vacation planning on one central platform. Offering mobile, tablet, and PC compatibility on up to 10 devices, Wunderlist makes organizing your lists and scheduling your appointments both easy and seamless. Note: The app is no longer supported by the editor but below you will find some useful Wunderlist replacements.

What are the key features of Wunderlist?

  • Basic calendar management tools: Adding, organizing, and scheduling events, setting due dates, and reminders for important deadlines.
  • Attachments: You can also attach any important notes, files, or comments to events of the day.
  • Compatibility: The app is fully compatible with Cortana, so whether you're using your phone or your PC, your personal assistant will be there to keep you up-to-date.
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What are the Wunderlist alternatives?

Through the app is no longer available, you can easily find effective alternatives.

  • Todoist: Todoist is a great app for all kinds of organization concerns. You can plan your day, create timelines for important projects, track your daily progress, set up reminders, and so much more. Moreover, the Todoist basic version is free.
  • TickTick: TickTick lets you manage your routine tasks, stay focused and respect deadlines. You can create lists with it, graphically organize your daily personal and work life, find balance and manage your calendars. It also is integrated with the famous and valuable Pomodoro timer that can help you to stay productive and escape burnout. The basic version of the app is free of charge.
  • Noted: Noted is the best solution for those of you who don’t like to type but prefer to dictate thoughts and plans. You can simply talk to the app and it will note everything you want for later usage. You can then pin and organize the notes for your ease. The basic version of the app is free.
  • Taskito: Taskito can come in handy if you prefer to see your plans for the day graphically. The interface is very intuitive and flexible so you build your day and see which important meetings you have, calls and Zooms not to skip, the timeline of the ongoing project, and some side notes. Thanks to the templates, it is really fast and easy to construct your day, week, or month with Taskito. Moreover, it is also free of charge.

Is it free?

Wunderlist is free to download and use. It also has a PRO version that costs $4.99 per month.