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Word Art Generator is, as its name suggests, a utility that lets you create WordArt. The WordArt editing tool is integrated in Microsoft Word and is now available in the downloadable application.

Note: This software is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7. If your Windows version is more recent and you still want to enjoy it, you can use the Make Word Art website, developed by Mike McMillan.

What are the key features of Word Art Generator?

  • Edit: Users can customize the subjects, change the font size, format, and color.
  • Enjoy: Multiple effects are available at the user's disposal for original creations.
  • Interface: Creating and customizing objects are easy since Word Art Generator is equipped with an intuitive and graphical user interface.
  • Monitoring: Any changes the user adds to the object can be viewed in real time and further modification can then be made.
  • Export: Once the creation completed, Word Art Generator can proceed with exporting files in various formats. Among the supported formats are BMP, GIF, JPG, or PNG.

Is Word Art Generator free?

As long as you own Microsoft Word, you can use this tool for free.

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