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What is Synapse X? Synapse X is an easy-to-use and powerful scripting software. It is generally used to modify Roblox games. Scripts generated by Synapse X may be used to create cheats and to modify features of the game. This is our Synapse X download page.

Key Features

  • Execute Scripts: With Synapse X, Roblox script execution becomes a very easy task. The software lets you inject scripts into your favorite Roblox games, giving you the possibility to modify certain aspects of the game.
  • Create Scripts: You can choose to reuse scripts developed by other Synapse X users, or create your own scripts from scratch, which does require some computer programming knowledge. A good source for ready-to-use Roblox game scripts is Roblox Scripts.

If you are interested in being part of the Synapse X community, you can join the Synapse X Discord server.

Is Synapse X Free?

No, there is no such thing as a free-to-use version of Synapse X. You can get yourself a Synapse X license for $15 (when paying with cryptocoins) or $20 (through PayPal).

Is Synapse X Safe?

Yes, Synapse X is a completely safe tool. However, your anti-virus software may block the application due to suspicious activity. This is because Synapse X uses scripting techniques that are also used by malware and other malicious programs. This article shows you how to whitelist Synapse X in Windows Defender and other anti-virus software.

Before you start using Synapse X, we recommend you to carefully read the Terms of usage.

System Requirements

Synapse X is only available on Windows operating systems. In order to run the app, you will need Windows 7 or newer and at least 4 GB RAM memory.

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