EasyBCD free for PC

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EasyBCD is a utility that can help users to multi-boot several operating systems. It was designed by NeoSmart Technologies to simplify setting up and configuring Windows entries.

What are the key features of EasyBCD?

  • Creation: With EasyBCD, the user has the possibility to create a bootable USB stick and create entries to boot into recovery utilities or safe mode.
  • Booting: As mentioned above, the software is able to boot many operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac and BSD. The user can use it anywhere after he has finished creating bootable USB sticks allowing the reparation of entries.
  • Entries: EasyBCD offers the user the possibility to edit entries. Users can change the default name, reorder or delete menu entries if he wants.
  • BCD: The program also enables you to backup and restore BCD. The user just has to save them in a destination file and browse through it to restore when needed. It is also possible to edit BCD on different disks.

Is it free?

To get a free version of this program, you need to register. The full license price is $29.95.