Resident Evil 3 (Remake) free for PC

After the success of the Resident Evil 2 Remake, Capcom brought us the Resident Evil 3 Remake. You will follow the path of Jill Valentine and will have to cope with the outbreak of the T-virus in the deadly and dangerous Raccoon City.


Once again, you will have to deal with the terrible experiments of Umbrella Corporation. Taking place in the infamous Raccoon City, where citizens have mutated as the result of an outbreak, Jill Valentine and the mercenary Carlos Oliveira will have to figure out ways to take down Umbrella at all costs and stay alive.


  • New map: All the scenarios have been completely renewed and expanded. Therefore, you will discover new areas compared to the original game, hence new zombies and terrific creatures to face.
  • Combat improvements: Protagonists have improved their combat skills since it will also be possible to dodge or push enemies by pressing the right button at the right time.
  • Item management: Item micromanagement is key in RE3 as your inventory is limited, so you will need to go back and forth between storage chests not to waste anything. Explore all the rooms, as you are likely to find valuable objects and items helping you stay alive a little bit longer.
  • More Nemesis than ever: Nothing is free, so even though you are more skilled, so are your enemies. The Nemesis is more skilled and uses new weapons and attacks.
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  • Multiplayer: Say goodbye to the Mercenaries mode, which is replaced by an interesting multiplayer mode.
  • More playable parts with Carlos: Even though you played as Carlos only once when Jill was infected in the original title, he now plays a more important role in the story, so you will have the pleasure to play more as him.
  • No alternative endings: The decision system has been removed in this remake to offer a more coherent story throughout your journey.

Graphics and sound

As expected, the graphics engine, sound effects, and most of the game mechanics are almost identical to those of Resident Evil 2, which seems to be a very good decision.

Duration and game modes

About the single-player story mode, you are likely to enjoy it for about 6 hours, but you can considerably extend the fun through the different difficulty levels, including Assisted, Standard, Hardcore, Nightmare, and Inferno.

Also, an online PvP multiplayer game named Resident Evil: Resistance is bundled with Resident Evil 3 Remake. It features asymmetrical gameplay mechanics where 4 survivor players will fight against a Mastermind player.

What do the reviews say?

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Resident Evil 3 Remake received a Metacritic score of 77/100.

"Resident Evil 3 is a stellar remake of a survival-horror classic that honors the past, while updating the game with contemporary graphics and controls." (PCMag)

Age rating


Resident Evil 3 Remake has been rated PEGI 18, so it is intended for an adult audience only. The video game includes scenes of explicit violence and strong language.

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